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     Aditi started her writing venture at five years of age. From magical fairies, unicorns, and princesses to stories about family and friendship–there are no bounds to her imagination! As an avid reader, she enjoys delving into the depths of the narrative. Her love for reading and creative expression has led her to become a regular contributor for Stone Soup Magazine, managed by the Children's Art Foundation. Several of Aditi's narrative pieces, including book reviews, short narratives, and poems, have been published on the magazine's blog. Aditi is also actively engaged with Skipping Stones and Story Monsters Ink magazines. Aditi was recently awarded the 2021 Skipping Stones Youth Honor Award for her efforts in spreading awareness about nature preservation. On that note, she published a nature photo essay along with some nature photographs in the magazine's Autumn 2021 issue, haiku art in the Autumn 2022 issue, and a poem that encompasses modern societal issues in the Spring 2023 issue. She continues to contribute to the magazine. In addition to Skipping Stones, Aditi also published an article about writing for a cause in the 2021 August issue of Story Monsters Ink. As a student writer for her community magazine, Stroll Hallsley, Aditi enjoys writing about community events, families in the hood, and local businesses. She continues to contribute to several literary magazines/blogs by writing book reviews, poetry, and articles. As she continues her writing journey, Aditi hopes to start her own literary journal one day!


   Aditi is fifteen years old and was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She currently lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her mom, dad, and little brother. When not indulged in books or creative writing, she enjoys playing music on the violin, making hand-lettered greeting cards, and baking!


       Aditi believes that there are multiple ways of giving back to the community; her way of giving back is through creative expression. She published her first children's book when she was twelve years old. After writing True Colors, Aditi noticed that her book could be her way of supporting a cause. She pledged to donate all of her book sale proceeds to the No Kid Hungry campaign that strives to end childhood hunger across America.


        The No Kid Hungry campaign, managed by the Share Our Strength organization, provides up to ten meals for every dollar spent! And now, with the ongoing pandemic, the need is more important than ever as families continue to struggle to put food on the table.


     As Aditi continues to donate to the cause, she hopes to inspire young minds to believe in their strengths and give back to the community in their unique way!

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