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True Colors

Long, long ago, a peahen named Crystal lived in the vast lands of Africa. Her best friend was Alejandro, a beautiful peacock. 

One fine morning, Crystal looked down from her home and caught a glimpse of Alejandro with his long plumes fanned out in vibrant blues and greens. He was showing off his beautiful feathers to all his friends. Crystal took a quick peek at her tail feathers and sighed in disappointment. Hmph! She wished that she could have beautiful feathers like Alejandro.

Chapter One:

While Crystal was getting ready for the day, she stumbled upon some old maps and books. She noticed a map that could take her to Lori, the magical green elephant. Crystal decided that she was going to find Lori and seek help to change her feathers. 

The three paths!

Written by: Aditi Nair

Illustrations by: Morgan Colonna

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