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Aditi Nair

An Award-winning Children's book author

Purple DragonFly Award winner:
First place (Category: Best Cover Design)
Second place (Categories: Best Illustrations, and New Author: Fiction)
Honorable Mention (Category: Picture Books 6 & Older)

Literary Titan 2021 gold book Award

Feathered Quill book awards 2022

Finalist (Category: Book Cover Design)


Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 8.22.15 PM.png

Snowflakes are beautiful, and each one is unique! Yet, does one snowflake want to be like the other? Crystal wondered as she peeked at her tail feathers. Enamored by her best friend's vibrant long plumes, the young peahen hoped to change her feathers and become confident. She embarks on an enchanted journey to meet a wish-granting elephant who, along with other animal friends, helps Crystal learn to appreciate the beauty she had all along – her true colors!


True Colors was written by Aditi Nair when she was twelve years old.




Los copos de nieve son hermosos, ¡y cada uno es único! Pero, ¿querría un copo de nieve ser igual a otro? Esto se preguntaba Crystal al mirar las plumas de su cola. Enamorada de las largas y brillantes plumas de su mejor amigo, Alejandro, la joven pava deseaba cambiar sus plumas y tener más confianza en sí misma. Cuando Crystal encuentra un mapa que la llevaría ante un elefante mágico, ¡se llena de esperanza de que sus sueños se hagan realidad! Se embarca en un viaje encantador al Monte Verde haciendo nuevos amigos en el camino. Sus nuevos amigos le enseñan por qué es hermosa tal y como es. Pero ¿aprenderá Crystal a apreciarse y a creer en sí misma?¿Encontrará alguna vez sus Verdaderos Colores? ¿O querrá siempre ser más bonita que Alejandro?

Aditi Nair escribiò Los Verdaderos Colores cuando ella fue teniò doce años.

TRUE COLORS (Spanish Edition)

Water Drops



   Aditi started her writing venture at five years of age. From magical fairies, unicorns, and princesses to stories about family and friendship-there are no bounds to her imagination! As an avid reader, she enjoys delving into the depths of the narrative. Her love for reading and creative expression has led her to become a regular blogger for Stone Soup Magazine, managed by the Children's Art Foundation. Aditi is also actively engaged with Skipping Stones and Story Monsters Ink magazines. Aditi was recently awarded the 2021 Skipping Stones Youth Honor Award and published a nature photo essay along with some nature photographs in the magazine's September 2021 issue. In addition to Skipping Stones, Aditi also published an article about writing for a cause in the 2021 August issue of Story Monsters Ink. She continues her writing journey by contributing to several literary magazines/blogs through writing book reviews, poetry, and articles.


   Aditi is 15 years old and was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She currently lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her mom, dad, and little brother. When not indulged in books or creative writing, she enjoys playing music on the violin, making hand-lettered greeting cards, and baking!


   Aditi believes that there are multiple ways of giving back to the community; her way of giving back is through creative expression. After writing True Colors, Aditi noticed that her book could be her way of supporting a cause. She pledged to donate 100% of her book sale proceeds to the No Kid Hungry campaign that strives to end childhood hunger across America.


   The No Kid Hungry campaign, managed by the Share Our Strength organization, provides up to 10 meals for every dollar spent! And now, with the ongoing pandemic, the need is more important than ever as families continue to struggle to put food on the table.


     As Aditi continues to donate to the cause, she hopes to inspire young minds to believe in their strengths and give back to the community in their unique way!

Water Drops


Editorial Review


"True Colors, written by Aditi Nair and illustrated by Morgan Colonna, is the beautiful story of Crystal, the peahen, and her desire to change her dull feathers with the help of the magical green elephant. This is much more than an ugly duckling tale. Crystal, the book's main character, learns a slightly different lesson from each of the animals she meets on her journey. The story gradually builds with each of the characters tacking onto her lesson another aspect of self-confidence and inner strength as Crystal's story unfolds.This book is the perfect story with which to introduce or review the concept of a central message to elementary students. Nair's book is the ideal length for in-depth discussions and offers teachers and students ample opportunities to analyze character traits and motivations. Nair has produced a real asset for classroom teachers.
True Colors gives young readers engaging characters from which to learn some very important life lessons. This beautifully illustrated book is a must-have for teachers in grades 2-5." -
Literary Titan

This is such a wonderful story! It is well written and beautifully illustrated. We highly recommend this book!

An inspiring book for children! Highly creative and imaginative book by a young author that has a very inspiring message. Don’t look for acceptance outside. Accept yourself as you are and try to improve!

Kudos to the young author!

Everyone is Unique!

True Colors is a beautiful book for kids of all ages!

An Amazon Reviewer, USA

An Amazon Reviewer, USA

An Amazon Reviewer, USA

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School Visits!

Greetings, teachers and school staff! I would love to schedule school visits, at no cost, for grades 1-5 at your school. I have three presentations of various time durations. The content for the presentations is below. 


Please feel free to reach out if you would like to schedule a visit via zoom/in-person for any of the below presentations or prefer a 15-20 minute presentation. I am looking forward to working with your students and sharing my love for creative expression!

Notebook and Pen
Writing for a cause

Writing for a cause!


A 60-minute presentation :

  • Becoming an author: snapshots of my writing venture

  • The inspiration behind True Colors

  • Sneak peek into character design and book production, including the revision process!

  • Cover design with a fun activity!

  • Reading an excerpt from the book

  • Ways of giving back to the community- writing for a cause!

  • 10-15 minutes of Q & A

Notebook and Pen
Creating a Children's Book

Creating a Children's Book


A 45-minute presentation :

  • ​The inspiration behind True Colors

  • Sneak peek into book production, including character design, and the revision process!

  • Cover design with a fun activity

  • Ways of giving back to the community- writing for a cause!

  • 10-15 minutes of Q & A

Plant in a Glass Bottle

Create. Inspire. Give.


A 30-minute presentation :

  • ​The inspiration behind True Colors

  • A sneak peek into character & cover design, book production, and the revision process!

  • Writing opportunities & ways of giving back to the community!

  • 10-15 minutes of Q & A

School Visits
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